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Goodbye, Canada?

Just when I thought I was comfortable and ready to take the next few years on…I decide to move to another continent. Yup, across the pond. I know, I had to re-read that last bit as well. I’m [...]

On a personal note.

Let’s get personal, but please don’t take this personally. This is more of a personal guideline and mental checklist. Taking off where I left off; It has been a long process of [...]

366 days.

Immersion through careful consideration is the only way to move forwards successfully. It’s been 366 days since I made the first big change in my life. After being in a relationship and [...]


Breathe. Look around you. Realize how lucky you are, to just be in the moment you are, doing what you’re doing, on the path that you are, and embracing the unknown that is coming. How [...]

Dual sport adventure

  Time Flies. I’ve done something I have loved for the last 24 years of my life; I’ve been on skates since I was 2 years of age, and speed skates since I was 10. It’s second nature; like [...]

The 2018 Winter Olympics

  PyeongChang. A month and 3 days later. The blog. (I am sorry in advance, but this is a longer read than my other blogs!) I don’t even know where to begin. I’ll throw it back to some day in [...]

The truth

There is no perfect race. There is the best you do when you step on the ice, on that day. Whatever you have done before, is irrelevant, and whatever you say you’re going to do in the future, also [...]

Summer 2017

Summer 17. Don’t even know where to start. Sweet summer smells of mountain air, fresh rain on freshly cut grass, and lots and lots of European coffee. This has by far been one of the most amazing [...]

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