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G-Town, as I like to call it. Where do I even begin? This love hate relationship with one of the most beautiful places on earth, started in December 2022, when I was at home in Toronto and [...]

All good in the HOOD.

A month and a bit into living here in Inzell, and I am SO pumped to say that it’s all going the way it should. Even on the days when it’s a little slower, we have to remember to [...]


Resistance; an interesting word. The harder you push against something, the harder it pushes back. Energy is an incredible force that can also be so wonderful, if put out into the Universe the [...]


My Tenerife story begins like every other Tenerife encounter story I’ve had, since I got here. My 2 week booking has now turned into a 4 week unplanned shenanigan. After two plane changes, and [...]

Can’t have them all.

There are some great seasons, and there are some pretty shitty ones, that no one seems to talk about. It’s so easy to post online, and give the illusion that everything is so great all the [...]


For a year that started off on the wrong foot, it definitely is ending on the right one. I’m sitting here in my hotel room in Inzell, Germany (after 13 years since I was last here!), indulging in [...]

A Dutch Christmas

  Walking through an eerie mist, remembering a somewhat busier than busy city, 3 years ago when I last stepped foot here. Humid streets, lit up with life, laughter, a hint of possibly [...]

Goodbye, Canada?

Just when I thought I was comfortable and ready to take the next few years on…I decide to move to another continent. Yup, across the pond. I know, I had to re-read that last bit as well. I’m [...]

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